Support the Variance!

The fight continues to save Briarmeadow from becoming a shortcut for people on the way to Walmart or the apartment complexes to the west of the neighborhood- or just people on their way to work or home looking to avoid traffic on Westheimer and Richmond.

If the variance does not pass then Meadowglen will become a through street to a new development planned where the now defunct movie theater is.


1. Sign the Petition.

Anyone can sign it-your kids, any member of your household, folks not living in the neighborhood.

2. Sign up to speak. It's limited to two minutes- piece of cake. 60 neighbors have already done so, and this has gotten the city's attention. We need more. Sign up to speak at You can also email at

3. Email the below form letter to members of COH Planning Staff, City Council Members and especially the Speakers-Comments Email.

- 60 neighbors did this last week and we have the City's attention

- If 50-100+ more neighbors can do it this week, the COH will know we are still here

You can also request to speak at the next Planning hearing (04/15/21) by mentioning it in your email.

Email addresses to include on the email:

To whom it may concern:

My name is _________. I am writing in regards to the Notice for Variance Request 2021-0704 (Dunvale Village). I live at _______ which is located in the Briarmeadow subdivision, just east of the proposed development. I am writing to voice my support for the proposed variance. Meadowglen Ln. is currently a dead end street and it has been that way since our neighborhood was created back in the 60’s. support of the variance for the following reasons:

1) The extension of Meadowglen Ln. to Dunvale will only add to the already ever-increasing traffic concerns, including a daily high frequency of cut through drivers and cars driven at unsafe and high rates of speed that we have throughout the neighborhood, by adding additional traffic on residential streets. This creates safety concerns for all of our neighbors, especially our elderly residents and families with their children who walk, run, play and ride their bikes frequently.

2) Dunvale is a COH designated major collector that is 4 lanes and designed to handle multiple existing large commercial developments, including the current site in question that has over 1,000 parking spaces. The current amount of parking spaces alone is quadruple the amount of homes that are being proposed. Homes sites will actually decrease the amount of traffic on Dunvale. Alternatively, Meadowglen Ln. and all the other streets in Briarmeadow are residential streets not COH designated major collectors.

3) The current proposed neighborhood plat provides for 243 residential lots, creating a windfall for the City from a taxing perspective. If the current variance doesn’t pass the City will be losing out on tax revenue, estimated to be four (4) times higher than the current taxable value. Sales tax revenue from bolstering surrounding businesses will be at risk as well.

4) Neither the potential developer or the existing homeowners in Briarmeadow want Meadowglen Ln. extended so why should the government get involved when clearly there is no disagreement between the multiple parties involved.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,