Swim Team Registration

Post date: Apr 18, 2017 4:10:45 PM

It’s Swim Team Time!!!

We are getting ready for the 2017 Summer Swim Team season and want you to come out and join us. The Briarmeadow/WildeWest Swim Team has enjoyed numerous years of success and fun due to a group of great swimmers and coaches. The month of June is always marked with sounds of cheering, lots of laughter, and huge grins. We encourage all kids to join in the fun of our neighborhood swim team.

Registration gets kicked off this year during our annual Sign Up on Sunday, April 23rd from 4-6 PM at Briarmeadow Club House. This event is open to all residents interested in joining the swim team, or just wanting to learn more about the team. It is extremely helpful if you come by during these hours to register you child and not wait until practices begin. Christie and Amy really appreciate your support by coming to the meeting. It really helps to know the number of swimmers on the team and will help us get started on other aspects of planning for the season. Please note: The pool WILL NOT be open for swimming during registration.

Parents will be asked to volunteer their time at meets. There is a place for everyone and we need everyone!! So bring what ever it is that you use to keep yourself organized so you can volunteer for your spot. Our families make this team work and because of our great families we’ve enjoyed a fantastic tradition for many years!

Swim Team is open to swimmers in Kindergarten through Grade 12. Our swim team is broken down by age group: 6&under, 7&8, 9&10, 11&12, 13&14, 15&up The only qualification to participate is the swimmer must be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted by the end of the May practices.

The application and medical form are attached. Calendar and other paperwork with be available on the 23rd.

We hope you will encourage your children to join our neighborhood swim team this year!

See you at registration!

Contact Christie Vaclavik at 713-515-8455, cvaclavik@att.net

or Amy Stodghill at 713-854-7898, astodghill@stodghillpc.com

Go Stingrays!!!!

Swim team phone number: 713-515-8455